C'est La Vie Original Short Plays 2019

By Clairemont Act One Community Theatre (other events)

4 Dates Through Nov 30, 2019

Clairemont Act One presents a very special collection of original short plays by California Playwrights performed by 20 actors!

Swipe Left
by Tom Misuraca
Swipe left to say no, Swipe right to say yes, Doesn’t this seem rather cold?

CounterPlay by Jeanne Becijos
I will if you will is not just for childhood. Watch these old ladies stake out the neighborhood!

Working Things Out by John Palmer
No pain, no gain. Physical fitness gotta sweat for it!

The Waiting Room by Char Sivertson
An existentialist, after-life comedy. The Waiting Room is where people go after death. The actors and audience have some decisions to make!

Noir Man
by Ken Levine
Modern day Bogie and Bacall spar over Philip Marlowe.

God’s Coffee Shop by Janet S. Tiger
When one door closes, another opens. Right?

The Dentist by Ken Radomski
Rotting teeth? Terrible breath? The Dentist will see you now!